Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) identifies restrictions on the use by Users (“you”, ”your”,  “user”, “Customer”, or “Subscriber”) of the Services provided by 247VoIP, and the software used by 247VoIP to deliver such Services, and is incorporated by reference in the Terms of Service between 247VoIP and User. Your access to the Services may be suspended or terminated for violation of this AUP. Capitalized terms used in this AUP shall have the meaning given in your Terms of Service.

Inquiries regarding this policy should be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Fair Use

247VoIP is committed to providing first class customer service and value to our Customers. In order to provide the best pricing, support and Services available to all of our users, 247VoIP retains the right to impose limits on your usage of the Services, to charge for excess use, or to terminate the Services if we reasonably believe that your usage, including, but not limited to, the total number of calls you make, SMS messages you send, or minutes you use is not consistent with normal, fair, and reasonable use of such Services. Wherever reasonably possible, we will give you written notice before taking any such action, and allow a reasonable period to allow you to modify your use.

2. Abuse

You may not use 247VoIP’s network or Services to engage in, foster, or promote illegal, abusive, or irresponsible behavior, including but not limited to:

3. Unsolicited Communications

You may not use your service to send email, SMS, or any other communications to a person who has indicated that they do not wish to receive it. All applicable communications, including but not limited to email and SMS, must comply with all laws regarding opt-in and opt-out notices.

4. Newsgroup, Chat Forums, Other Networks

You must comply with the rules and conventions for postings to any bulletin board, chat group or other forum in which you participate, including their rules for content and commercial postings. These groups usually prohibit the posting of off-topic commercial messages, or mass postings to multiple forums.

You must comply with the rules of any other network you access or participate in using 247VoIP’s Services.

5. Offensive Content

You may not publish, transmit or store on or via 247VoIP’s network and equipment any content or links to any content that 247VoIP reasonably believes:

Content “published or transmitted” via 247VoIP’s network or equipment includes Web content, email, bulletin board postings, chat, tweets, and any other type of posting or transmission that relies on the Internet.

6. Live Events

You may not use 247VoIP’s Services to stream live sex acts of any kind, even if the content would otherwise comply with the AUP. 247VoIP may prohibit the streaming of other live events where there is a special risk, in 247VoIP’s reasonable discretion, that the event may violate the Offensive Content section above.

7. Copyrighted Material

You may not use 247VoIP’s network or services to download, publish, distribute, or otherwise copy or use in any manner any text, music, software, art, image, or other work protected by copyright law unless:

It is 247VoIP’s policy to terminate in appropriate circumstances the services of customers who are repeat infringers.

8. Shared Systems

You may not use any shared system provided by 247VoIP in a way that unnecessarily interferes with the normal operation of the shared system, or that consumes a disproportionate share of the resources of the system. For example, we may prohibit the automated or scripted use of 247VoIP email services if it has a negative impact on the mail system, or we may require you to repair coding abnormalities in your code if it unnecessarily conflicts with other customers’ use of the services. You agree that we may quarantine or delete any data stored on a shared system if the data is infected with a virus, or is otherwise corrupted, and has the potential to infect or corrupt the system or other customers’ data that is stored on the same system.

9. SLA

No credit will be available under a 247VoIP service level guaranty or agreement, if applicable, for interruptions of service resulting from AUP violations.