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The Phone Business is our specialty, so we not only came up with a feature-rich phone system that has all the bells and whistles you need but we also found a way to lower your monthly phone bill.

Our system is connected to multiple tier-1 phone service providers and uses a complex algorithm to decide which path to forward your calls in order to save you money.

Use our feature-rich cloud-based system or your locally installed PBX to connect to 247VoIP phone services today to start saving.

The Perfect Phone Systems

247VoIP Cloud Phone System is geared towards small to mid-sized businesses looking to get a business-class phone system with exciting features that will actually help their organization become more effective and efficient, all at an affordable price.

No longer do you need multiple vendors just to install the phone wires or to set up the phones system. Simply sign up, plug in your IP Phones, configure a few settings and you will be up and running in less than 5 minutes. We’ll worry about the rest.

Multiple Phone Extensions

Multiple Phone Extensions

Create and assign as many extensions as needed to your users, even to those permanently out in the field without a physical office phone. Users can manage their own settings through a web browser.

Virtual Receptionist

Have a virtual receptionist answer and forward your calls to the right extensions based on time-of-day, week days, holidays and much more.

Virtual Receptionist
Call Center and Queues

Call Center and Queues

Never miss a customer call again. Automatically direct callers to a queue which gets routed to the appropriate representative based on pre-configured settings.

Free Calls

When you call other people on our network, it is free!!! Since the call is riding over IP on our network why should we charge you for it? So connect your other locations, encourage your business partners and your friends to sign up so that you can start enjoying free calls when talking to them.

Free Calls
Video Call

Video Calls

With the right desk phone, softphone or UC Client, you can have a video call with the other party as long as they are on our network and are using a compatible phone. We are also working to enable video calls between others outside of our platform.

Use any Device

Use your office phones, computer or mobile devices to make and answer calls in the office or while away from the office. You can even transfer calls between extensions to others in the office from mobile devices. Not only does this mean that you never have to miss another office call again, you will also look professional when you need to make a quick office call but need it to come from your office number, using your negotiated office minutes and rates instead of your cellphone minutes.

Flexible Plans

Flexible Plans

We offer various plans that match the size of your business and the functionality you require. You can start small and expand as needed. Simply pick one of the plans available or request a custom quote from us.

Easy Installation and Upgrades

Get working in no time. With our cloud phone system you can provision a phone, extensions, voice mail and all features to a user in less than five minutes. Users can then log into our portal to manage other features such as call-forwarding, simultaneous ringing, voice mail to email. As your business grows, you can upgrade your contract and add additional lines, extensions, features and much more.

Manage From Anywhere

Manage From Anywhere

Manage your account from anywhere with an internet connection.
Manage using your computer or mobile device.
Manage features such as simultaneous ringing, voicemail, etc.
Manage, view and pay invoices online.

Thinking about what features you can have?

Well, how about all of them. Get features like Call-waiting, Call recording, Music-on-hold, Call center, Call queues, Paging, Park, Conference call, Auto attendants, Reporting and many more.

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