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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

All IP networks support SIP. However, you need to ensure you have enough bandwidth for both your calls and your data traffic.

Consider how many people will be on the phone at the same time during your busiest hours, this includes both inbound and outbound calls. This will not necessary equal the number of extensions you have, as not every user will be on the phone at the same time. Each SIP channel(call path) supports one concurrent inbound or outbound call. Once you solve the question of how many concurrent calls you will have during your busiest time, then the number of calls channels(call path) you order should equal this number.

247VoIP SIP uses the G.711 voice codec which consumes 85kbps of bandwidth per call. So if you will have 10 simulteneous calls then you will need to have at least 850K of bandwidth for calls. This means you need to configure your routers and firewalls QOS to reserve this much bandwidth for phone calls. You should do a speed test from the internet and use the lower of the upload and download speed for as your available bandwidth. There are many speed test websites out there, but a popular one is

QOS means Quality of Service. And yes, you need to configure it on your network so that your data traffic does not overshadow the voice and cause drop calls or bad phone call quality. For SIP, once you have figured out how many call paths to order, you should reserve that much bandwidth on your network for voice calls. For our Hosted PBX, you should reserve the bandwidth that is equivalent of the total number of concurrent calls for internal and external users. This is because a call between two extensions in the same office has to go over the internet to our hosted pbx and then gets routed back down. So you need to make provision for both external outbound calls and internal calls. If you are having problems designing your QOS strategy, we can help. Call or email us.

With Enhanced SIP package, our system can detect when you have lost your internet connection and will automatically reroute your calls to either a voicemail or to another number. Ask about our Enhanced SIP package today.

Yes. With SIP, we want you to perform some minor troubleshooting such as making sure your Internet is up. Our technical support department will be available to assist with further troubleshooting

As an ITSP we will provision SIP for you on our systems, however, you will need to configure your internal phone system to connect to us. However, should you need configuration assistance our technical support department is available to help you configure your phone system to connect to our platform. We encourage you to request configuration assistance during provisioning.

We offer “burstable” call paths. That means we can provide you extra call paths/lines on-demand.

Our custom plans are a huge cost saving but we also offer multi-year term discounts.

Cloud-based Hosted PBX

We offer reasonable and affordable prices on all of our service plans. Save even more money on our custom plans. See Pricing for more information.

Yes! Responsiveness and efficiency are our hallmark.

Depending on the plan you selected, our phones could come pre-configured so that you just plug in and begin making calls right away. For others, we will provide you with the settings to configure on your phones in order to connect to our servers. This settings will always be available in our customer portal page.

Absolutely. It is a standard feature on all our service plans.

No problem. We will route your calls to your mobile phone.

We offer “burstable” call paths. That means we can provide you extra call paths/lines on-demand.

Our custom plans are a huge cost saving but we also offer multi-year term discounts.

All you need is a Smartphone. For Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 platforms, follow the configuration instructions here.

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