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Spend less time caring for your aging phone system and more time caring for your residents

Your phone system keeps your staff and residents connected. If you’re still relying on old phone lines or end-of-life on-premises systems, your costs are high and you’re probably not getting the level of support you want, let alone any modern features, like mobility. And if you’ve brought in a variety of solutions to get some of those capabilities, it’s a lot to manage and support.

But you’re not just any business, and not just any phone system will do. As an assisted living community, you have some specific requirements: your staff must be able to communicate from anywhere in the facility while walking around or attending to residents; you need overhead paging and intercom capabilities; and if you operate multiple locations, you want a centralized, single-phone solution.

A better way to keep your staff and residents connected

Our cloud-based phone system will provide you with mobility and other key features, as well as the ability to customize the solution. It will enable you to network everything together into a centralized system. And it will eliminate the high maintenance costs, for a more budget-friendly approach.

Key features:

Ease of use for staff and residents
Private numbers for residents
Intercom capability from admin phones to residents
Conference bridge & video capabilities so residents can connect with family
Call-forwarding to a mobile device for business continuity (e.g., in the event of a storm)
Mobile phone app for personnel
Wi-Fi cordless (e.g., for communities that have security after hours or for nurse carts)

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