How Unified Communications as a Service Is Transforming Healthcare

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is shaping the way companies and organizations approach and manage their telecom network. The healthcare industry is just one example of the ways UC services can promote collaboration, budgeting, efficiency, and value for organizations. As a UC provider, hospitals and doctors’ offices provide a valuable market segment that offers you with long-term business partnerships, while enabling you to strengthen the healthcare systems in your community. Here are some of the ways that UCaaS is transforming the world of healthcare.


It Simplifies Communication and Enhances Collaboration

In hospitals, communication and collaboration among staff members is critical to providing the urgent care that the public depends on. With UCaaS, doctors and nurses can consolidate all of their messaging needs into a single device, so they aren’t fumbling with a variety of pagers, phones, and other devices throughout the day. This not only simplifies their communication abilities, but it enhances collaboration by ensuring all coworkers can contact one another with ease.


It Increases Functionality

With UCaaS, doctors and nurses now have the option of texting one another, as well as sending emails from their personal device. With video conferencing also available, doctors can collaborate with other offices and healthcare facilities more easily. Additionally, the phone services can be shared across a variety of branches. For larger hospitals that manage numerous buildings and departments, this provides them with a way to share phone services between separate buildings, while providing network continuity in the event of disaster. If the phone service of one building experiences an outage, all calls can be automatically forwarded to a separate building, so the hospitals will never fall victim to power outages.


It Enhances Quality of Care

Healthcare facilities often transfer patients to other facilities, and in doing so, they need to transfer all of the health records of the patient. With UCaaS, doctors can electronically upload and port all healthcare records, allowing records to be transferred between different hospitals and doctors’ offices instantly. With video conferencing, doctors can communicate more effectively with other hospitals, as well as consult with specialists outside of their hospital, which allows them to provide higher quality of care to patients.


It Reduces Costs

UCaaS is cheaper and easier to maintain than on-premise telecom as it adds increased value and allows doctors’ offices and hospitals to lower their overhead costs. Since the cost of care is partially contingent on the overhead costs of healthcare, lowered overhead costs will positively impact the community by enabling doctors to provide more affordable care to patients.

UCaaS has grown increasingly popular among businesses, but it isn’t just for-profit companies that are leveraging the benefits. Hospitals and doctors’ offices across the U.S. have begun to see the benefits of UC and are eager to integrate the services into their facility. With UC, healthcare facilities can save money, provide better care to patients, enhance communication between coworkers, and increase collaboration with other healthcare facilities in the region. Contact us to learn more about how our UCaaS platform will enable you to provide state-of-the-art UC services to healthcare facilities in your area.

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